Villino Vellutini-Vannucci, the restoration of Galileo Chini ceramics

The Vannucci Group flag waves on the art deco terrace of Palazzo Vellutini since the restoration was recently completed. The favolous liberty style ceramics tiles, artpieces designed by artist Galileo Chini returned fully colorful and shining on the front view of the building owned in the past from Vellutini family and recently purchased from Vannucci Group to host the Benvenuto Vannucci Foundation which organize the cultural and artistic activities on behalf of the Group. The Palazzo Vellutini-Vannucci which overlooks the Promenade buolevard was designed by the Architects Alfredo Belluomini and Galileo Chini and was delivered on 1924.

Villino Vellutini-Vannucci, togheter with some other buildingds built on the local Viareggio Promenade, represents a model of high class liberty art deco style palazzo. The years just before the Second World War represented for Viareggio an important period for house building activies and the most beautiful local villas were built just behind the boulevard and the sea front view hotels. Gran Caffè Margherita was attended by the most elegant and rich italian artists and aristocratics: from Giacomo Puccini to Margherita Sarfatti, from Toscanini to Pirandello. Galileo Chini was part of the artistic mileu. He owned a prestigious ceramic manufacturer company in Campi Bisenzio. His manufacturer company designed and supplied all the famous ceramic artistic pieces which tourist can appreciate and look on the most refined local art deco building as Gran Caffe Margherita, Villa Argentina, Bagno Bertuccelli, Caffè Liberty, Villino Gori, Villino Vellutini-Vannucci and many others local refined villa front building. If you think to Villa Argentina, the artistic decoration of Villino Vellutini Vannucci have been designed and arrived  from the same artistic ceramic center. Thanks to Vannucci Group from the current season Villino Vellutini Vannucci front view is returned to be visible, enjoyable, appreciated from citizens, tourists and photomakers.