Shipping and transport

When you entrust your yacht to Vannucci Group, excellent staff will take care of it. We take care of it during every stage of the transport, from handover to delivery at the destination. We transport your yacht along the best-suited route, whether by land, by air or by sea. Qualified and experienced staff will hand your yacht. We will do everything in the best possible way. Our staff and agents deal with every expected and unexpected circumstance/feature.

• Yacht delivery acceptance and temporary license plates
• Boat appraisal and supervision of yacht departure
• Ro-Ro ship rentals specialized for yacht transport
• Thermoplastic covering for yachts and boats
• Insurance coverage for yachts and boats transport
• Operations assistance for arrival and delivery at the port
• Vannucci specializes in the transport of boats by land
• Vannucci offers consultancy for customs and duties

Vannucci Group is a leading Company in the yacht transport by sea, boat transport and yacht shipping.