Treatment and sanitization of your yacht’s interiors with the use of ozone.

There are many reasons why it is very important to have a sanitized craft, as well as clean, the first of all is health. In the areas on board a ship micro organisms can easily find an ideal habitat for their proliferation due to the microclimates which can originate there, the technical characteristics of the building, the lack of fresh air circulation, the boarding of people, food and water from potentially dangerous geographic zones.
This causes the permanence of viruses, molds and bacteria in the spaces, and also their proliferation inside pipelines and other hardly accessible cleaning areas. Ozone production technology is used to sterilize and disinfect, complying with protocol no 24482/96 of the Ministry of Health.
Ozone can be used as a safe and effective agent to guarantee a better quality of air, the sterilization of any space and the dejection of even the most persistent smells (smoke, molds, etc.). Among the main treatments suggested there are: galleys, kitchens and fridges sanitization, exhaust hood reclamation, disinfection of fan coils and air conditioning ducts, disinfection of sanitary fixtures, Jacuzzis and swimming pools, treatment of water tanks and drinking water circulation pump, disinfection and pest control.
Compared to other types of disinfectants, reduced Ozone concentration and shorter exposure time are sufficient to reduce the microbial population guaranteeing complete and total sterilization of dusts, gasses, viruses (such as for instance Legionella, Salmonella and Listeria diseases, Norovirus etc), bacteria, molds and mold spores in the air. Thanks to a series of decennial collaborations with the best European centres of analysis and sanitization, Superyacht Services can programme the sanitization of your craft along the coasts on Italy, France and Spain.


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