Superyacht Chandlers

The shipchandler that makes you enjoy your passion to the full

A modern, far-sighted commercial organization, operating on a worldwide scale, capable of fully understanding sthe hipyyards’ and the nautical world’s need for materials and modern, reliable products provided at top prices and utility. We are not a store but a dynamic reality whose most challenging mis sion is the care of its customers. The company was officially born after years of experience: a background that guarantees our customers the best compliance with their requests. The quality and the thoroughness of of the products we have carefully selected for our shops represent a guarantee of commercial reliability, and most of all a proof of an efficient shipping service to our customers all over the world. Superyacht chandlers srl was founded in 2012 in Viareggio.

The main premises of the company are is a modern palace, in the heart of Viareggio’s portual area, in via Virgilio 182, where up to not long ago fishermens’ nets were repaired and rope-makers used to work. From the headquarters a 24 hour direct contact with the fleet/yachts-customers is managed. As well as for the ships we serve in the Mediterranean area, the telephone keeps ringing for orders coming from every corner of the world, and every week spare parts are being sent to Japan and Asia, the Caribbeans and America, Russia and the Far East. It can happen, and it often does, that a yacht in the middle of the Ocean calls at dawn due to the time zone difference, asking to have a spare part kit for a watermaker ready for its arrival in the Caribbeans. Another customer calls from Japan to request the shipping of a pump to the Hong Kong address. From Germany a customer confirms the arrival of the pallet of paints, shipped the night before by means of a van driven by Superyacht chandlers personnel, while in the meantime, from Greece, they request the collection and the setting up of a service on a seabob of the ship. And then there are the United Arab Emirates, to whom the company sends fast moving consumer goods for their customers’ ships every couple of weeks.

This same way, as large quantities of materials and goods are shipped to their destinations, others get delivered to the central headquarters and the movement of curriers from England, USA, Holland is really frantic. Superyachts chandlers ships regularly by means of containers large stocks of English and American products. The company’s team is composed of an expert in each field and department into which a mega yacht can be framed: from new building to shipyard, from engine room to deck and bridge, from interiors to safety devices etc. The team numbers young people of around 35 and expert employees from England, New Zealand, Italy and Ucrania, all able to speak Italian, English, Spanish, French, Russian and Ucranian. Twice a week the Superyacht vans deliver goods in the Italian and French Riviera shipping from Livorno to Saint Tropez. Recently a representative of the company moved in Spain, to Barcellona, from where he can assist those customers who are in spanish waters during Summer and Winter. All of this to illutrate the filosophy of the company, which is to serve the customers wherever they are and wherever they ask for fast delivery. The Superyacht chandlers’ store has in stock over 20.000 products of high standards, all ready to be shipped in any part of the world. In the list of the most delivered products:
– Antivegetative paints: Awlgrip, International, Boero,Yotun,Hammerite;
– Ropes: Armare, Lanceston;
– Utensils: Beta,Wurth,Dewalt,Abc;
– Ship cleaning products: Shrold,Swobbit,Gardena,Teeopl,Teakwonder.
Since day one the company stood out for its organizational skills in providing services to any kind of yacht and/or to any other company, shipyard, agency, intermediary or private customer who set foot into our shop or offices. As a good omen, the very first customers on the opening day were nonetheless than m/y Octupus and m/y Tatoosh, moored for reparations in the docks of Livorno, featuring in the list of the first ten world mega-yachts. Since then, many more ships, yachts/shipyards and ship owners have started to request our services, having found in our agency the perfect partner for the supply of spare parts in Italy, in the Mediterranean and in the world. Thanks to a very sophisticated next-generation software which will be presented to our customers this year, our company will be even more capable of close assistance to our customers: connecting to the Superyacht Chandlers database through this software, they will be able to order all products they need, seeing the product details right on their tablets or I-phones or by simply pressing a button. Each shipment is tracked from start to end, through messaging systems which will show exactly where the client’s goods are at any time.


Via Virgilio, 182 Viareggio
Tel. 0039 0584 370515